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Production Line Profile

We have many production lines, mostly with Automatic machines for production,

thus enabling us to produce good quality LED Screens and ensuring quick Leadtime as well.

And our skilled workers will fufill their duities for the Qualtiy Control.

OEM/ODM Profile
OEM/ODM services available

Modular strucure of the screen enables us to Tailor any size for our customers.

Installation can be fixed or rental.

Double sided or three sided LED Displays are also easy for us.

R&D Profile
Our R&D group is made of more than 8% of total employees and most of them are senior technicians,with more than 10 years' experiences in the LED field.

They are envolved in all their efforts,from design of projects,to finished products' performances,in which way,we could provide the most suitable solutions and customized products according to customers' requests.

We have continuously focused on developments of new led display products,with more and more investment,and technical efforts.
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