Indoor Rental LED Display

Indoor Rental LED Display

Indoor Rental LED Module

P4 P5 P6 Indoor Rental LED Module

Adopts Die-Casting Aluminum, with additional strengthening bracket inside, anti-tensiling and shockproof, without deformation lasting for 10 years.

Equipped with patented fast locks,durable and graceful. Easy assembly and dismantling.

• High quality connector and cable: The plugs and sockets are universal, so it is easy to maintain or replace. The status indicator lamp is convenient to monitor the operating status of each tile.

• High precision tile and module: Die-casting aluminum tile is made with CNC high precision machining techniques and its dimension tolerance is less than 0.2mm. The base frame and mask of LED module are anti-distortional. The uniform surface color ensures the picture on the display not distorted.

• Efficient heat dissipation and quick side lock: By using louver shutter style design, the thermovent is well-ventilated and prevent direct liquid spray. The quick side lock has high strength and precision to firmly lock tiles. With special designed hanging accessories, tiles can be suspended.

Available models: P4,P5.

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