Pixel Pitch (mm)1.56mm1.66mm1.92mm2mm2.5mm
Pixel density(pix/m2)409600360000270400250000160000
LED TypeSMD1010 BlackSMD1010 BlackSMD1010 BlackSMD1010 Black


SMD2121 Black 

Module Resolution(Pixels)128*192120*180104*156100*15080*120
Module Size(mm)200*300200*300200*300200*300200*300
Cabinet Size(mm)400*300400*300400*300400*300400*300
Drive Method1/32 scan1/30 scan1/26 scan1/30 scan1/30 scan
Refresh Rate(Hz)2000HZ2000HZ2000HZ2000HZ2000HZ
Viewing AngleH:140°,V:140°H:140°,V:140°H:140°,V:140°H:140°,V:140°H:140°,V:140°
Driver ICMBI5153
Cabinet MaterialDie-cast aluminum
IP GradeFront:IP50; Rear:IP20
Operating temperature/humiditytemperature:-20℃~ 50℃ humidity:10~90%RH
Storage temperature/ humiditytemperature:-40℃~ 60℃ humidity:10~90%RH

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400*300mm Die-casting aluminum panel,high-precision design and CNC processing minimize the error within 0.05mm.

Use leading technical MBI5153 driver IC:high grey level,high refresh rate and low brightness to ensure the LED display to appear more perfect image.

Long lifespan: Low-voltage power supply with high-efficiency causes little temperature rise, which helps to prolong the life of LED display in stable use.

Perfect Image: No flicker, no brightline or darkline ensures the LED display to take on more perfect image.

Color Uniformity: The LED display would present uniform color at all times with low power consumption and low temperature rise.

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