•Uniform color and high contrast ratio,bringing up fresh and natural image  

•Low power consumption and fine heat release                                              

•Super wide viewing angle increasing its value by covering more audience         

•No deformation under sunlight by the use of anti-UV modules                                

•High protection grade of IP65 achieved by patented mask design with waterproof and dustproof function           

•Safe and reliable operation ensured by stable signal and power supply   

•Stable and uniform picture Strictly selected LED lamps, high-consistency constant current driving IC, and high-end control system, supporting high refresh rate and ensuring stable picture, high gray scale and high color uniformity.

•Precise module/tile design Promoting the flatness of display surface and ensuring seamless splicing of the tiles.

•Various installations Magnetic assembling, quick assembling with support or common cabinet assembling of the display tiles.

P8 Outdoor DIP LED Module

P8 Outdoor DIP LED Module

Outdoor DIP 3-in-1 LED Module

Outdoor DIP 3-to-1 LED Module

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